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Eden Soapy Massage parlor

Eden Soapy Massage located at Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 BTS Station Nana – Exit 1 this is a very different soapy massage store and by different I mean it is splendid none like you have seen before…

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LA Defense Massage Parlor

Located at on Rama IX Road in Bangkok, although this establishment doesn’t only cater for Japanese visitors, guests from all the four corners of the world have visited and reviewed this place and found it as one of the best experience…

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Caesars Entertainment Complex

Caesar’s entertainment complex soapy massage which is located on Ratchadaphisek Road in Bangkok, without variance of any sort, is one of many erotic recreational massage facilities more dedicated to the…

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Annie’s Soapy Massage

The World Famous Annie’s Soapy Massage Bangkok, since its inception in 1972, has been the most outlast running authorized soapy massage parlor in the Nana/Sukhumvit area…

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Cupidy Massage

Here we have a soapy massage Cupidy Massage one of the five star rating massage parlors in Thailand known for its reputable reviews in forums and internationally, we have expatriates…

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LA Belle, Bangkok

The most embellished of the three soapy massage parlors is with the most nice view and rooms is the la Belle and personally I have been here before with a couple of friends and I can guarantee…

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Emmanuelle, Bangkok, Thailand

Located near the Emerald Hotel in an appealing amusement complex at 55 Ratchadaphisek Road is another exciting place for a good soapy massage, Emmanuelle, which is likewise located just…

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Poseidon Entertainment Complex

Rather than beer parlors, brothels, pubs and bars, why not just go for a smooth body massage that comes with a ‘Happy ending’. For rehabilitation, meditation and relaxation of the body a good body massage…

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Best places for soapy massages!

The most crucial thing in life is rest and good rest, it does not matter how it was gotten but all men and women need rest, holidays, vacations and leaves. During these leisure, it is pertinent that we all derive the fullest satisfaction of our money for every trip we go to and one amazing way to derive rest during holidays is through massages. Massages are of different types from the herbal to the poly to the soapy massages but in my own view, the best of massages is the soapy massage although this is mostly for men because unlike the regular massage this is more erotic and helpful to men in relieving stress rather than going to strip clubs or bars the soapy massage is one way to pass time during an holiday.


Happy Endings

Thailand is undoubtedly famous for massages both locally and among foreigners. Just take a walk or a taxi down almost any street in Bangkok and you will find yourself greeted by many massage shops with invites for your pleasure and it's not easy to decipher which is going to be worth your money.

However, as opined earlier not all massages are created to cater to the family some catering for men only unless you have a preference in women as a lady. Briefly describing soapy massages - as earlier stated it is a common pass-time among men looking for good time and a ‘'happy ending’' this is the main reason why most men prefer the soapy massage to any other type of massage.

You will without stress find many such establishments all around Thailand and even with a search on Google, you will be shown where you can find such establishments with ease. Many of these establishments look like hotels and cool resorts from the outside and they house as many as rooms inside to provide services to the clients.


Enjoy The Experience

When you enter a good soapy massage shop, you will be greeted by a host who will ask you what your ‘preference’ is which means what kind of lady do you like. They will then bring you to check out the ladies available for selection and let you know the pricing. It is important to choose a place where you know there will be many ladies available on any given day so that you have many to choose from. These ladies range from sidelines to models to regulars who are either petite or kinky but they are all sexy. Transparency of pricing is also important as there have been many stories of customers getting hustled by the hosts. One session is usually 90 minutes long that is why we write this article to show you something of the best places without doubt and that you will be safe and treated well.

After choosing your lady, you make your payment and then proceed to the room. This is where the fun begins. Some places may look alright on the outside but have rooms that are not well maintained. In each room there is usually a bathtub where you will get your soapy massage. There will also of course be a bed where you will receive your happy ending. Upon entering the room, your lady will start filling the tub and you order some food and drinks I'd you want to. Once the tub is filled, you will proceed for the soapy massage and she will ensure that every inch of you is well cleaned. Then comes the fun part of every soapy massage which happens on the bed what happens during a soapy massage and on the bed I'm quite sure you can guess.