Poseidon Entertainment Complex

Poseidon Entertainment Complex.

Rather than beer parlors, brothels, pubs and bars, why not just go for a smooth body massage that comes with a ‘Happy ending’. For rehabilitation, meditation and relaxation of the body a good body massage is required and best practiced for relief of muscles. Running away from the days stress and anxiety, trying to rest also in a good condition, to improve flexibility regardless of wants and needs, go for a soapy massage in Thailand. One of the best places to get this is in Thailand and trust me because of their pretty ladies and more concern for customers satisfaction Thailand is the best place to get a good body fuel in form of a massage in the bath tub with one of the most hottest and kinkiest girls so lovely that even before the massage you are already free from stress just by sightseeing the ladies in this parlors. One of the massage joints in Thailand known for its best services is Poseidon, Thailand.  Situated near Caesars and Nataree along Ratchadapisek Road. Trying to get to Poseidon is not hard you can just go via MRT to Sutthisan Station. Take the Thanachart Bank exit and walk for about a couple of minutes and you’ll be able to find Poseidon. Though not hard to find but should you lose your way, the Google Map can always guide you aright and trust you'll be blown by their services. Poseidon is a tall building made up of eleven stories and each Storey composed of different types of entertainment. In other words every level in the building is made for different plethora of enjoyment and for a grade A level of soapy massage Poseidon should be your first point of call. The soapy massage floor is located on the second floor of the building. They have different varieties of girls from models to sideliners to regulars your imagination could never beat all lined up for you to pick one of them and she will lead you to your room and straight into the tub where her work begins or you can just rest first but remember you pay by the hour so you might want to start immediately. In the room, the girl of your choice whose price depends on her look and the hours she'll be spending with you then she'll lead you to your room where she will ask you to strip and then she will again lead you to the bathtub where she'll also strip and you both have the best of time which includes her rubbing all of your body With the sensual feeling better than you'll imagine.

We all know soapy massages are not really about the rubbing of the body and Poseidon girls understand this that they will have to give you a great blow job and sex to suit your sexual desire and some of them do it with condoms on your penis and when you cum they take you to bed for the rest of the massage session and everyone who has been to Poseidon have always been enamored to come for more.